Before the camera on the phone, maybe we will take pictures from the photo booth. It is a machine to take pictures that are placed in one booth. Usually, use a coin for payment. With that machine, we not only can take one or two photos but more. We have a flexibility on taking the photo with everyone. We do not to be shy because there is a curtain that makes people can not see us from the outside. The size of the booth is not too big but it can load 5 to 7 people. People will use photo booth for some reasons such do not have a camera, the phone camera is bad or just want to try something new. Nowadays, we may find it difficult to find the photo booth because most people have a camera either in a phone or digital camera.

The user of photo booth is reduced and it makes the photo booth owners go bankrupt but we still can find it in certain place especially in a mall. Even it was not a trend but many people search the t photo booth. They can remember the past when mobile era has not come. If we look at the detail on photo booth, there is a desk and a camera and has a light.

We can take 8 to 10 times taking photos with one coin. It has become our happiness in the past because we can have a keepsake that can be stored in the wallet. The traditional photo booth and modern photo booth have some differences. The pictures generated from the modern photo booth is better than the traditional photo booth but we get a number of photos are less.  The camera at the modern photo booth is following the times and it adapts to the user wishes.