A wedding photo booth doesn’t need to be complicated and expensive. Fortunately, there are many ideas on the internet that could give you some references on how to make a unique and cost-friendly photo booth for yours or your friend’s wedding. Here are some of the unique references for you :

The stack of the polygon shaped woods with the colorful flowers would tone up your wedding. This kind of epic and impressive decoration can be acquired easily by utilizing the stuff around you. If you have some woods and used light bulbs in your home, you can use them to be the decoration for your polygon woods photo booth.

Now, we’re going to share the simpler one. A wool curtain could be a great outdoor photo booth. It’s feels like a midnight curtain. It could be hanged beautifully in the middle of a park and be able to make anyone who came to your wedding reception would unwilling to miss the chance to capture some moments on your unique photo booth.