Here are the simple inspirations for your wedding photo booth. These suggestions are for you who want to make a great and simple kind of booth. Here are the inspirations for you :

1. Make a photo booth that’s full of flowers

Don’t be confused when you’re preparing a photo booth. You can always use the romantic stuff just like the flowers.  You can use a lot of flowers to decorate your wedding photo booth.

2. The couch with a white curtain as the cover

Even though not many people like it. The white curtain could be used as a great decoration for your wedding photo booth. You don’t have bring too much stuff for this type of booth. Just add several pillows, books, and few unique properties that would make your guests feel comfortable while taking their photos.

3. The black board theme could be a good choice

The white chalk writings on a black board could be a good back ground for your photo booth. Even though it looks simple, the number of quotes that you could write there with the beautiful gravity could provide you a budget-friendly booth yet it’s so beautiful.